Bring the museum experience to your classroom with The History Museum’s Classroom Visit Program! Classroom Visits are designed to work within a teacher’s curriculum and in the classroom time available. Activities are interactive, hands-on, and aligned to state standards. A classroom visit from museum staff and volunteers can enrich your in-class curriculum and engage your students with objects and stories from the past. There is no cost to have the museum visit your classroom. To schedule a visit please contact the museum’s Education Coordinator at 541.386.6772 or

“It was age-appropriate and very in-depth. I really liked the hands-on & take away [activities]!” – Kerry Lake, Kindergarten teacher at Mid Valley Elementary

“The kids really enjoyed it and understandably so. The way that you presented historical information through story telling, visual images and craft was fantastic.”

- Holly Cohn, 4th grade teacher at Mid Valley Elementary


Program Descriptions:

Have your own idea for a Classroom Visit program that would work well in your classroom? We love to collaborate! Please do not hesitate to contact the museum’s Education Coordinator with your idea.


Elementary/Middle School:

Tell a Story: Museum team will share the story of several unique museum artifacts. Students will then be shown another object and will write

and share that object’s story. Objects chosen to reflect a specific topic relevant to the class.

Oregon Trail Diary: Students view an actual Oregon Trail diary written by Polly Coon in 1852. Students read some of Polly’s diary entries, answer questions, and then create their own diaries.

What is it?: Strange objects from the past are brought for students to examine.  What do they do? Why were they used? How do they work? Students work to discover the function and purpose of each object. Great fun for very young students!

Communication: How do we communicate today? How did people communicate in the past? Students view and handle antique telephones and compare them to modern day phones.


Middle/High School Specific:

Research Session: Are your students doing a research project? The museum team can bring primary and secondary source documents and artifacts to your classroom. Objects can be used to teach about research, or, depending on the topic, the objects can be utilized by students for research on their topic.

Communication: What do photographs tell us about the past? The museum team will bring historical photographs and antique cameras for students to view and handle. Students will then use an “image transfer” technique to keep a copy of a historic photograph and a record of the story that photograph tells. A great mixture of art and history!

Volunteer Opportunities: Are your high school students looking for ways to get involved? The museum’s Education Coordinator is happy to talk to students about the many volunteer opportunities available through the museum. Students can serve as research assistants, Cemetery Tales actors or tour guides, or museum docents.


Guidelines and additional information:

The Classroom Visit program is free; however the museum may request that teachers provide some basic supplies for activities (paint, paper, tape, glue, etc.).

The classroom teacher is expected to remain in the classroom during the activity.

Classroom Visits should be ideally scheduled two weeks in advance.

Preference is provided to schools within Hood River County. Schools outside of Hood River County will be considered on a case by case basis.

These programs are also available to Home Educators; please contact the museum for details.