It’s a fact of life that nothing is totally free. The same applies to The History Museum and the programs and services that we provide to the community. There are many ways you can plan on giving:

  • Write us a one-time check: Funds can be applied toward outreach and education programs and collection management or the capital building expansion campaign. You can mail your check to: Hood River County Heritage Council, PO Box 781, Hood River, OR 97031
  • Make a financial contribution to the Gorge Community Foundation: Museum Support Fun. You can find a link to the foundation at the bottom of this page. The Reuben Elder fund supports the museum’s pioneer and archive collection. You may also make contributions to The History Museum Endowment Fund, which was started in 2010 by concerned citizens and museum supporters, to provide long-term financial sustainability for the museum. Gifts to support the museum contributed through the Gorge Community Foundation are eligible for tax credit through the Oregon Cultural Trust. We’ve provided a link at the bottom of this page for your convenience.
  • Join the Honor Circle Society, which contributes annual donations on a one to five year pledge plan. These funds are applied directly to our capital expansion campaign or museum program and archive fund. Currently the Honor Circle Society has pledged close to $320,000. All contributions to The History Museum are tax-deductible (consult your personal tax adviser for details).
  • Gifts of stocks: are another way that you can make a contribution towards museum programs. Talk to your accountant about this option of giving.
  • Memorial Gifts: are a wonderful way of honoring the legacy of a loved one that has passed on. Each year several thousand dollars are gifted in this manner. You may designate who you want the memorial gift made in honor of – and can even suggest an item or program to apply this gift towards that would be an excellent way to honor a special person’s memory.
  • Estate gifts: are a great way of sharing with the museum with what you have been blessed with over the years through your will. Estate gifts (both large and small) can be applied

A tax receipt will be provided for all contributions and donations to The History Museum. Consult your personal tax consultant for details on how to utilize this receipt in your personal tax reports.