Our Story 

The History Museum’s father organization is Hood River County which provides a major portion of the day to day operating costs and one full time paid staff person. This person serves as Museum Coordinator for Hood River County and Director of The History Museum. The History Museum’s grandfather organization is the Hood River County Historical Society and The Pioneer Society which began collecting artifacts in 1907. The current museum building was opened to the public in 1978 and was built from generous community support and donations. Educational programs, special events and archive collection materials are supported through private donations, contributions, museum memberships and grants.

A dedicated group of over 50 volunteers provide the labor force behind all of the teamwork needed to accomplish the museum’s mission in the community including serving as docent greeters. Currently the museum has been fortunate to have been approved for an AmeriCorp site position. This position serves as Volunteer Coordinator and Education Assistant.

The museum has a diverse artifact collection which is constantly being inventoried and processed into a state-of-the-art museum collection database system that documents over 11,000 artifacts…….with more being added weekly.

Mission Statement
To celebrate Hood River County’s diverse cultural heritage and preserve our unique story.

Vision Statement
To create, sustain and enhance our exhibits, collection and programs to meet the ever-changing needs of Hood River County’s cultural heritage and community

Purpose Statement
To hold in trust a collection of artifacts and documents relevant to Hood River County heritage
To share the stories of these items through education, exhibits and discussion
To expand the understanding Hood River County’s heritage as it relates to our past, present and future